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Thank you so much for participating in the Mistletoe Run. Below are past results of the race:

2022 Race Results

2021 Race Results

2020 Race Results

2019 Race Results

2018 Race Results

2017 Race Results

2016 Race Results

How do results work?

In-Person: If you're running in person your results will be timed by the running chip on your bib.

Virtually: If you are running virtually this year, you have the option to complete the race from December 2-10. Participants can submit results a few different ways: using the RaceJoy App, opting in for text results or directly through the website. Which way you choose is completely up to you, based on which way you feel most comfortable. Once your results are submitted (not matter which way you choose to submit), you will be able to download a Finisher's Certificate as a keepsake.

1. Using the RaceJoy App - if you do not run with a smart watch or GPS device, then this is a great way to track yourself. The app will track your distance and automatically submit your results once you have completed the distance. Participants will download RaceJoy from the app store and then search for the Mistletoe Run and follow the on-screen prompts to get set up. You will be able to select which distance and route. You can choose to run the actual course for the event that begins near the Y or you can choose Race Anywhere and complete the distance from any location you choose. The advantage of the app is you do not have to know an exact route that equals the distance, as it will track the distance for you. You also don't need to submit anything because the results will automatically post to the results page.

2. Opt in for text results - when you register, you can opt in for texting which will allow you to submit your results via text. Instructions on the format of the text will be sent if you choose this route.

3. Directly through the website - this is very straightforward. From the Jones Racing webpage, you'll click on RESULTS - then submit Virtual Results. Search your name and then follow the on-screen prompts to submit your time. If you do not want to submit a time but you want to acknowledge you DID IT! then you can simply mark the distance as completed and not put a time. You can also access the results submission through your profile. If an event is virtual, then there will be a link to Submit Virtual Results to that event.

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