Latino Achievers

In collaboration with Crosby Scholars, we are introducing a community outreach program that focuses exclusively on the Latino population in grades 6-12. Our goal is to spread the message of both Achievers and Crosby Scholars to promote a “post-secondary/college going culture” among Latinos in Forsyth County. We anticipate that outreach efforts will result in participation in both programs, and ultimately ensure that students graduate from high school and cultivate the necessary soft-skill development to explore post-secondary options.

Program Opportunities

Crosby Scholars Educational Workshops, college preparation, career exploration, workforce development, college/WoW (World of Work) tours, SAT/ACT preparation, leadership development, cultural enrichment, character/asset development and service learning/volunteer opportunities.

Program Goals

  • Helps teens develop a positive sense of self
  • Raise academic standards of youth
  • Exposure to diverse career options and colleges
  • Provide role models whose success and knowledge will inspire youth to set and reach their goals
  • Prepare students for the changing world of work by demonstrating the skills most desired by employers

Schools served

Carter G. Woodson, East Forsyth, Winston-Salem Prep Academy, John F. Kennedy, Southeast Middle Schools. Carter G. Woodson, Carver, East Forsyth, John F. Kennedy, Reynolds, Winston-Salem Prep Academy, Glenn, Mt. Tabor, North Forsyth, Reagan and West Forsyth High Schools.

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For more information, click here or contact Vivian Perez Chandler, Latino Achievers Program Director. Vivian can be reached at (336) 661-1093 ext. 6523 or (336) 448-3696.

Se Habla Español. Ponerse en contacto con Vivian Perez Chandler at (336) 661-1093 ext. 6523 or (336) 448-3696.