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Belonging Begins With Us

Welcoming Week | September 8-17

The YMCA of Northwest North Carolina believes our communities are stronger when everyone feels welcome and we work together for the common good.

The Y is committed to helping all individuals, including newcomers, access the support and resources needed to reach their full potential. Our mission is “Helping all people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind, and body.” We believe that communities are at their strongest when everyone has an opportunity to contribute and work together on a shared vision for the future.

During Welcoming Week, the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina and other businesses, non-profits, agencies and community organizations will host events to:

  • Celebrate the diversity of our communities
  • Bring together newcomers and long-standing residents to build mutual understanding
  • Love on one another 

Welcoming Week Events

During Welcoming Week, the Y will participate in a community event and host several free events that are open to the public.

Friday, September 8→ Kick off our 2023 Welcoming Week events across our Association. Be on the lookout for all our events and join in on all the fun activities at your local Y. Also today is National Literacy Day; learn more about the Literacy Program (more details to come!)

Saturday, September 9→ 11:00am–7:00pm: Stop by our booth at the 31st Annual Hispanic League Fiesta in downtown Winston-Salem. Click here for more information.

Sunday, September 10→ Support an immigrant-owned business in our community! See below for a list!

Monday, September 11→ Join us for a Multicultural Fair at 11:00am at the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA. Learn more about other countries, sample food and participate in fun activities. Feel free to show off your heritage by wearing your traditional attire. YMCA of Northwest North Carolina branch lobbies will have a Welcoming Week Activity Card, Welcoming Week Map Activity and fun games. Plus, visit Stokes Family YMCA at 6:30pm for a Latin Dance class!

Tuesday, September 12→ YMCA of NWNC branch lobbies will have an "I’m a Welcomer" activity and fun games.

Wednesday, September 13→ Join us for Multicultural Fairs at 11:00am at the Kernersville and Robinhood Road Family YMCAs. We will also be sharing information about our friends at the Ukraine YMCA on our social media pages and in all branches.

Thursday, September 14→ Fun games will be in YMCA of NWNC branch lobbies. Can you pass the citizenship test? Find out at your local branch! Join us for a Samba class at Robinhood Y at 12:00pm. And join us for a Multicultural Fair at 11:00am at the Yadkin Family YMCA.

Friday, September 15→ Join us for a Latin Dance Class from 6:30-8:00pm at the Jerry Long Family YMCA.

Saturday, September 16→ Join us for an African Dance class at the
Winston Lake Family YMCA at 10:00am.

Sunday, September 17→ Support an immigrant-owned business in our community! See below for a list!

Connecting With Our Community

We hope you will join us in supporting local immigrant-owned businesses:

Stokes County
Little Italy
Frank's Kitchen
Mi Pueblo

Forsyth County
Tacos Doña Pina Food Truck
Antojitos Las Delicias Food Truck
Mi Pueblo
Cafe Gelato
Black Belt Soap
The Sweet Truth Bakery
Alvarado Jewelry
Cleaning company by Karol
Body & Soul
Los Juanes
New Sichuan
Curry and Noodle
Low Price Market & The Grill
Don Juan's
Que Vivia
Be Kind Coffee Co.

Wilkes County
Amalfis Italian Restaurant
Plaza Del Sol

Iredell County
Sorrentos Italian Restaurant
Peking Chinese Restaurant 

Yadkin County
Shiloh General Store
El Loco Torres

Welcoming Week

September 8-17

Welcoming Week celebrates our neighbors of all backgrounds. It takes place each year in September across the Y movement. It was created by YMCA of the USA’s national partner Welcoming America. It's a chance for neighbors, both immigrants and U.S. born residents to get to know one another and celebrate what unites us as a community!

Our Community Partners

Visit the links below to learn more about our community partners!

Our Mission: "Helping all people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body."