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Do You Have a Will? Is it Updated?

If you passed away today, would your property go to the people and charities for whom you want to provide and in the manner you would like to provide? Do you have peace of mind that your plans are in order?

Despite the importance of having a will or trust, many people never get around to drafting one. For those who do have a will, it was likely drawn up many years ago and has not been looked at since. Make-A-Will Month is a great time to create or review your will.

Benefits of a Will and Well-Constructed Estate Plan

A will and well-thought-out estate plan:

  • Afford you the opportunity to create a final legacy and testimony to share your core values and beliefs with your family and friends
  • Provide an appropriate inheritance that meets the needs of family, individuals and charities important to you
  • Ensure the transfer of your estate with the fewest delays
  • Avoid unnecessary costs, estate taxes, taxes on retirement plans and other expenses
  • Minimize interpersonal conflicts and maximize a positive impact on family and others
  • Direct the selection of a guardian for your heirs who are minors
  • Give you peace of mind

Have you considered adding the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina to your will or providing for future generations via our Heritage Club Endowment Fund? If interested please contact Val Elliott at or call 336 676 3831. 



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