The mission of the Achievers Program is to assist students in graduating from high school and prepare them for post-secondary opportunities. This year 100% of senior students in Latino Achievers and Black Achievers graduated from high school. The graduation rate in Winston- Salem/Forsyth County Schools in 2017 was 78% for Hispanic students and 86% for African American students.

One of the key components of the achievers program is the week-long spring break college tour. This year the Black Achievers exposed 32 students to several universities and cultural events in Florida. Latino Achievers exposed eight students to several universities and cultural events in the state of Tennessee. The students truly enjoyed the college/universities and truly gained valuable knowledge for future college decisions.

Another goal of the program is to have students to prepare for the world of work; the achievers participated in several work tours. The students visited work sites such as Food Lion Inc. and Pepsi Co. Through these tours the students were exposed to the skills most desired by current employers. The achievers program has made a lasting impact on students.

Black Achievers

The YMCA Black Achievers program is an academic achievement and career development initiative for middle school and high school youth and teens. The high school program is referred to as the Black Achievers Program and the middle school program is referred to as Youth Achievers, although both are operated under the umbrella of the Black Achievers Program. The name “Black Achievers” represents and describes the historical origin and mission of the program. However, today, the YMCA Black Achievers program is like the national YMCA movement, multi-racial and the Winston Lake Achievers program currently consists of students of numerous racial and ethnic groups.

The purpose of the program is “to help teens set and pursue high educational and career goals resulting in high school graduation and acceptance into and graduation from an institution of higher learning, and successful entry into a career of their choosing.” The high school component meets twice per month, once in a general session where there are sessions on a variety of topics related to college preparation and career development, ranging from test taking skills, SAT Prep, to job readiness. The second meeting is a cluster meeting in which students are broken into a career cluster of their choice (e.g. Computers and Technology, Law and Government, Communications, or Arts, Entertainment and Fashion) and they are involved in hands on and active career related activities. The program also offers students opportunities for service learning through volunteering, social development, networking and college tours.

Minimum Program Requirements

  • Adherence to the Code of Conduct
  • Registration Fee paid and or request for financial assistance through the Open Doors Program.
  • A copy of each quarterly report card and or EOC scores submitted to the Director within one week after having received them.

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Achievers Benefit From:

family-dad-mom-boy-girlCareer Clusters

Focused career track workshops for Achievers that provide comprehensive information on academic preparation and job skills. Clusters include, but are not limited to: Health & Medical, Communications, Business, Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Computer Training.

Career Seminars

A variety of workshops are held throughout the year targeting such topics as goal setting and career planning, interviewing “dos and don’ts”, dressing for success, choosing the right college and researching the best job.


Black Achievers takes two to four students for a half-day tour of their work place. This component provides students with first-hand exposure to careers of interest and gives them a glimpse into the “real world” of work. Transportation of this component is arranged through the Black Achievers office.

Speakers Bureau

Achievers provide motivational and informational speeches to Forsyth Public Schools. In their presentation, Achievers introduce and explain career possibilities and stress the value of higher education.


Through the YMCA One-on-One Program, Black Achievers are invited to support weekly tutoring session with local middle school students. Regardless of grade level, one-on-one tutoring is an important resource for enhancing students’ reading and math skills.

Latino Achievers

In collaboration with Crosby Scholars, we are introducing a community outreach program that focuses exclusively on the Latino population in grades 6-12. Our goal is to spread the message of both Achievers and Crosby Scholars to promote a “post-secondary/college going culture” among Latinos in Forsyth County. We anticipate that outreach efforts will result in participation in both programs, and ultimately ensure that students graduate from high school and cultivate the necessary soft-skill development to explore post-secondary options.

Program Opportunities

Crosby Scholars Educational Workshops, college preparation, career exploration, workforce development, college/WoW (World of Work) tours, SAT/ACT preparation, leadership development, cultural enrichment, character/asset development and service learning/volunteer opportunities.

Program Goals

  • Helps teens develop a positive sense of self
  • Raise academic standards of youth
  • Exposure to diverse career options and colleges
  • Provide role models whose success and knowledge will inspire youth to set and reach their goals
  • Prepare students for the changing world of work by demonstrating the skills most desired by employers

Schools served

Middle Schools: East Forsyth Middle, Southeast and Paisley Magnet Middle

HIgh Schools: Carter G. Woodson, Carver, East Forsyth, John F. Kennedy, Reynolds, Winston-Salem Prep Academy, Robert B. Glenn, Mt. Tabor, North Forsyth, Parkland, and Reagan.

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For more information, click here or contact Vivian Perez Chandler, Latino Achievers Program Director. Vivian can be reached at (336) 661-1093 ext. 6523 or (336) 448-3696.

Se Habla Español. Ponerse en contacto con Vivian Perez Chandler at (336) 661-1093 ext. 6523 or (336) 448-3696.


For Adults

Adult Achievers Are:

  • A selection of African-American professionals dedicated to community service.
  • Volunteers to share experiences with Achievers and other local youth.
  • Living the program vision to be the leading resource in preparing young people for their futures, providing leadership experiences for existing and emerging community leaders, and increasing the community re-investments of local businesses and organizations.
  • The inheritors of the YMCA Black Achievers program that was founded in 1971 at the Harlem, New York, YMCA. The Winston Lake’s Black Achievers Program was established in 1996.
  • Committed to give at least 40 hours year in a variety of these ongoing initiatives.

Prospective Volunteer Application

For more information on Black Achievers and Adult Achievers, please contact Megan Mills at or (336) 661-1093.