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The YMCA of Northwest North Carolina is committed to serving as many members in our Triad community as possible. In addition, our facilities offer specific programs, classes and services to our members that can vary from branch to branch. All YMCA members have access to all of our locations and programs. With membership at one branch, you can enjoy full access and amenities at each of our 15 locations.

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      Membership Applications

      Prospective members can download a membership application; for the application in Spanish click here. Bringing in a completed form will expedite the joining process and save you a few minutes. If you would like for your membership to be debited directly from your checking account, please make sure to also bring in a voided check along with your application. Please note that deposit tickets are not accepted in lieu of checks.

      If you think you might qualify for financial assistance, please feel free to familiarize yourself with our Open Doors program, which helps the YMCA ensure that no one is turned away from our programs or membership due to an inability to pay.

      Click here for our Member Handbook.

      group-girls-jumpingNationwide Membership

      More for your membership! All YMCA members will now have access to all our locations and programs! Enjoy full access and amenities at each of our 16 locations. Click here for more information, including visiting other YMCAs in the United States at no extra charge.

      Corporate Memberships

      Learn more about our Corporate Health & Wellness and Membership Programs.

      Joining Fee

      A joining fee is required to begin a membership. The fee is used to make capital improvements to your YMCA.

      All new members joining the YMCA or current members who let their membership lapse for more than 30 days may be required to pay the Joining Fee. The second adult member in a family membership arrangement may join within 30 days without paying the Joining Fee. Payment of the Joining Fee is required when a member joins or renews late. Transfers may be required to pay the Joining Fee.

      Our Satisfaction Promise

      The YMCA of Northwest North Carolina will give a full refund if a member is not completely satisfied within 30 days of joining, including their Joining Fee.

      Guests at the Y

      We’re glad that you’re interested in visiting the Y! As a guest of the YMCA, we hope you enjoy your experience. Click here for more on what to expect.