Health & Wellness

Susanna O’Connell

Senior Regional Director of Wellness Experience
Phone: 336.251.1090

Steven Britton

Regional Director – Wellness Experience
Phone: 336.251.1090

At the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA, we offer a wide variety of Wellness programs from Personal Training to Group Exercises (including Group Cycling, Aerobics and Yoga & Pilates) and Specialty Programs.

Myzone MZ – 3 Activity Belt

Myzone tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and displays this information right on an iPhone or Android device. Everyone has different fitness zones that can change over time – Myzone accurately identifies, adapts, and rewards you for your effort – making you push harder and get the most out of every workout. All statistics are personalized to you, using your age, height, gender and weight to provide you an accurate way to track your workouts.

Myzone TV screens are available in the Group Exercise Studio, Training Center, and the Cardio Room.

Myzone MZ-3 Belts are now available for purchase at the Member Services Desk.

$75.00 Member Price
($149.99 Suggested Retail Price)



AFTERBURN AiR is a 45 minute, 75% cardio based HIIT training class that uses MYZONE technology to push you to your max Heart Rate using our Concept 2 Rowers, Concept 2 Ski Ergs, Airdyne Pro Bikes, and Octane MTX Max Trainers, integrated with some floor work. Coaches will lead this small group class to maximize your results.

Session dates: start on the first of each month

Monthly fee: $75 for two classes a week or $125, which includes your Myzone activity belt. You must own a Myzone to participate in the class. The Saturday class is once per week and the fee is $40 per month.

Tuesday/Thursday classes:

Saturday (add-on):


New Benefit Available Now! FIT 3D Body Scanner

The FIT 3D ProScanner is a total assessment platform that will transform your methodology to quickly analyze and monitor your body’s composition. In 40 seconds, FIT 3D’s state-of-the-art technology precisely captures your fitness progress, including:

  • Full Body 360° 3D Image
  • 400+ measurements
  • Posture analysis
  • Body composition
  • Body shape rating
  • Weight
  • Balance
  • Private Assessment Report via email

With the FIT 3D ProScanner, Y members can optimally set, meet, and exceed their fitness and wellness goals. Register and make an appointment at Member Services!

Member Cost: $25
5 scans: $100
8 scans: $175
12 scans: $250

Potential Member Cost: $50
5 scans: $150
8 scans: $225
12 scans: $300

Get a scan today! 3 locations: Jerry Long Family YMCA, Kernersville Family YMCA, Robinhood Road Family YMCA. Click here for more information on what to expect.


Boot Camps

Get your new year off to a great start with personal training or a Boot Camp. A variety of Boot Camps allow you to choose one specific to your goals. Upcoming Boot Camps include Dynamic Duo Boot Camp, All-in Youth Performance Training, and more. Scroll down to see more and to register online!

Fun to Fit Boot Camp

Exercise is important and making time for it is the responsible thing to do. That doesn’t mean that working out can’t be fun though! If your gym routine has grown stale, you won’t want to miss this Fun to Fit Boot Camp. Under the guidance of a certified trainer, you will find new ways to have fun while breaking a sweat. Friendly competitions, creative fitness games, and team exercises will all be used to help you build strength, improve conditioning, and maybe even meet a new friend!

Mondays and Wednesdays

Personal Training

Work with a certified YMCA Personal Trainer to achieve your desired fitness goals. Regardless of age or fitness level, one-on-one training can provide:

  1. Weight loss/management
  2. Increased strength, endurance and flexibility
  3. Post-rehabilitation conditioning
  4. Disease management and prevention
  5. Off-season training
  6. Pre-event conditioning

Click Below To Learn More About Each Of Our Personal Trainers!

Click here to register online for One on One Personal Training and here for Small Group Personal Training. Contact 721-2100 for additional information and appointments.

Personal Training Rates & Packages

1 hour session: $50 Members/$70 Potential Members
4 one hour sessions: $190 Members/$270 Potential Members
8 one hour sessions: $375 Members/$525 Potential Members
12 one hour sessions: $550 Members/$770 Potential Members

1 half hour session: $40 Members/$50 Potential Members
4 half hour sessions: $150 Members/$190 Potential Members
8 half hour sessions: $300 Members/$375 Potential Members
12 half hour sessions: $440 Members/$550 Potential Members

Small Group Trainings (2-4 people)

1 hour group: $35 per member/$50 per potential member
4 group sessions: $130 per member/$190 per potential member
8 group sessions: $260 per member/$375 per potential member
12 group sessions: $385 per member/$550 per potential member

Specialty Group Training

6 week “training” with 5(min) – 10(max) people
Cost: $100 Members/$150 Potential Members

UFIT: Helping You Get The Results You Want

What is uFit?

uFit is a program that provides you with an easy-to-follow plan and cutting edge fitness tools. You will not be alone in this process. Our highly trained staff will help you set attainable goals and will provide the ongoing support necessary for your success.

In three short meetings, we can take you from an exercise skeptic to a confident individual who is excited about working out. In just a few sessions, you will gain the tools and resources that will help you succeed.

You will finally learn what really works in terms of exercise, weight loss, and having more energy – not to mention just becoming healthier. This program is valued at $150, but offered at no cost to all new members. You are encouraged to sign up within the first week of your membership.

Click here for more information!


Be Healthy

Be Fit With Brenner

Join the experts from Brenner Children’s Hospital for FREE Brenner FIT Kohl’s Family Collaborative classes

Class subjects include: Cooking a balanced meal, Positive discipline-based parenting, Picky Eaters and more!

Registration is required. Classes are held at the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA in the Brenner FIT Education Center. Daycare is available for classes held at the YMCA only; please arrive early for parking and daycare.

Most classes are for everyone, Members and Potential Members.

For a list of classes and dates, please visit the Brenner FIT website, by clicking here.


YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Change Today For A Healthier Future

An estimated one of every three U.S. adults has prediabetes, yet just 7% of those with prediabetes know they have it.

Are you or someone you know at risk? Take the quiz now to find out.

You can reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and gain tools for healthy living. If you are at risk for type 2 diabetes, the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program provides a supportive environment where you can work with others in a small group setting to learn how to adopt healthy habits to reduce your chances of developing the disease.

The program, which is led by a trained Lifestyle Coach in a classroom setting, is delivered over a 12-month period, beginning with 16 weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance. You will learn strategies for eating healthier, increasing your physical activity and making other changes that will improve your overall health and well-being. National Institutes of Health research has proven that programs like the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can reduce the number of cases of type 2 diabetes by almost 60%.

Click here for additional information.

Body Composition Training

The William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA is now offering body composition testing using the skin fold caliper method (7-site testing (Jackson & Pollack) method). This method for testing is among the top testing methods for accuracy.

Our trained staff will be using a 7-site testing method (Jackson & Pollack) testing the following sites:

  • Triceps
  • Midaxillary (along the ribcage under the arm)
  • Chest
  • Subscapular (under the shoulder blade)
  • Suprailium (above the hip)
  • Abdominal (near the belly button)
  • Thigh

Cost: $10 for Members, $15 for Potential Members

Time: 30 minutes

To sign up:
Visit the Membership Desk or call (336) 721-2100

Click here for our Notice of Privacy Practices/HIPAA.


WGW Specialty Group Training

2021-2 Kettlebell Small Group Training

Boot Camp, Fitness / Wellness

Ages: 14 - 110

Program Dates: Feb 2 2021 - Feb 25 2021

Member: $75.00

Non-Member: $100.00


WGW Specialty Group Training

2021-2 M/W 10:00am-11:00am Trim & Tone

Boot Camp

Ages: 14 - 110

Program Dates: Feb 1 2021 - Feb 22 2021

Member: $75.00

Non-Member: $100.00


WGW Specialty Group Training

2021-2 T/TH 4:30-5:15pm Athletic Conditioning 11-14yrs

Boot Camp, Fitness / Wellness, Youth

Ages: 11 - 14

Program Dates: Feb 2 2021 - Feb 25 2021

Member: $75.00

Non-Member: $100.00


WGW Specialty Group Training

2021-2 T/TH 5:30-6:15pm Athletic Conditioning 7-10yrs

Boot Camp, Fitness / Wellness, Sports Camp, Youth

Ages: 7 - 10

Program Dates: Feb 2 2021 - Feb 25 2021

Member: $75.00

Non-Member: $100.00