Privileges For Teens And Pre-teen Members

Teens, tweens, and everyone in between are welcome at the Y. Your membership is the first step to meeting new friends, playing sports, getting in shape to feel great and reaching athletic goals. We’ve created the following guidelines to ensure a safe, fun and successful environment for all Y members.

Middle School Members (Grades 6-8)

When you are with a parent or guardian, middle school members can be anywhere in the Y (including Wellness Center, gymnasium, pool, racquetball courts and track). If you are ready for a little independence, this Middle School Orientation and two uFit appointments will help you feel more comfortable in the building and help you reach your wellness goals. The Middle School Orientation and two uFit follow-up sessions allow you to use the Wellness Center without your parents, as well as participate in Group Exercise Classes where no weighted equipment is used.

What’s allowed?

With Middle School Orientation and two uFit appointments: Gym, Racquetball Courts, and track; pool after passing a swim test, Wellness Center, Group Exercise Classes (where no weighted equipment is used)

High School Members (Grades 9-12)

You are welcome to use most areas of the building including the Wellness Center, gym, pool, racquetball courts and track, as well as group Exercise Classes. Whether your wellness goal is making the high school team or feeling your best, set up a free Wellness Center Orientation for expert advice. We also offer classes on weight lifting, nutrition and Teen Strength training, which you can sign up for at the Welcome Center for an additional fee. Something else you’re interested in learning about? Let us know at the Welcome Center!

What’s allowed?

Welcome to use most areas of the building including the Wellness Center, gym, pool, racquetball courts and track, as well as group Exercise Classes.

Statesville Achievers

Achievers is an academic achievement and career development program for students in Middle School. The purpose is to help teens set and pursue


high educational and career goals resulting in high school graduation and acceptance into an institution of higher learning and successful entry into a career of their choosing.

Program Opportunities

College preparation, career exploration, workforce development, SAT/ACT preparation, leadership development, cultural enrichment, character/asset development, and service learning/volunteer opportunities.

Program Goals

  • Helps tweens and teens develop a positive sense of self
  • Raise academic standards of youth
  • Exposure to diverse career options and colleges
  • Provide role models whose success and knowledge will inspire youth to set and reach their goals
  • Prepare students for the changing world of work by demonstrating the skills most desired by employers

Schools served

Middle Schools: East Iredell, North Iredell, Statesville, Troutman and West Iredell

For more information, please click here or contact Danny Gathings at 704 873 9622 or d.gathings@ymcanwnc.org.


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