At this time the Robinhood Family YMCA does not have an aquatic program, but swim lessons, lap swimming and all other full aquatic offerings are available at the William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA and Jerry Long Family YMCA, as well as other branches.



Tyde Swim Team

TYDE is a USA Swimming and YMCA swim team offering a full range of competitive programming for all ages (kindergarten-adult). Originally started in 1973 as WSY, we have grown to become one of the largest and most respected swim teams in North Carolina and across the country. Whether you are looking for a gentle introduction to competitive swimming, a nationally ranked training program or anything in between, TYDE has what you’re looking for!

Seasonal Track

Exists to offer an entry-level and/or flexible swim team experience, providing quality stroke instruction and age appropriate conditioning without a heavy focus on competition or time commitment. This track is ideal for swimmers who may be new to year-round swimming, are involved in various other activities or are looking to get in shape for a school or summer team. Intra-team swim meets are offered once every three months and participation is optional.

Competitive Track

Our intermediate swim team experience with more opportunity for both practices and competitions than our Seasonal Track without any increased participation requirements. Swimmers begin to compete with team members from every TYDE site and develop goals with more sense of team vs. individual focus. This track is designed for swimmers with some previous swim team experience and a willingness to explore their full potential in the pool. USA Swimming and YMCA swim meets are offered once every three to four weeks and participation is encouraged but optional.

Masters Track

Provides adult swimmers, triathletes & fitness enthusiasts of all levels with the newest methods for developing good technique. Participants will enjoy the benefits of training progression geared to enhance fitness and performance in a highly interactive environment. Currently operating out of William G. White, Jr., Winston Lake, and Yadkin Family YMCAs.


Learn more at swimtyde.org or contact Leann Day at leann@swimtyde.org or 336.721.2100 x6262