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Scott Spillman
Branch Operations Director
336 679 7962 x6478

Debbie Combs
Senior Regional Director – Wellness Experience
336 712 2000

Desi Melenick
Regional Director – Wellness Experience
336 712 2000

Jenna Patton
Director of Member Experience
336 679 9762

Anna Wagoner
Aquatics Coordinator
336 679 7962  

Valerie King
21st Century Program Director
336 679 7962 

Beth Stuart
District Administrative Assistant
336 712 2000 x6552

Terry Spillman
Facility Director
336 679 7962


Holly Myers, Chair
Jerry Carlton, Member Emeritus
Ercel Carter
Bo Gilliam
Crystal Imes
Dr. Todd Martin
Daniel Miller
Caleb Poplin
Dr. Oz Prim
Jamie Reavis
Robert Reavis
Marlana Riley
Van Shore
Karen Stutzman
Jessica Wall
Lauren Willard
Donna Willingham
Julie Young

Our Mission: "Helping all people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body."