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Caroline Whitson
Executive Director
336 838 3991 x6653

Heather Warren
Wellness Experience Senior Director
336 838 3991 x6693

Daniel Gilbert
Regional Director - Wellness Experience
336 838 3991 x6655

Nickey Mott
Senior Director of Member Experience
336 873 9622 x6710

Julie Roten
Member Experience
336 838 3991 x6659

Ben Watson
Aquatics Director
336 838 3991 x 6656

Kim Dalton
Senior Program Director of Youth Development
336 838 3991 x6672

Kyesha Horton
Youth Development Experience Associate Director
336 838 3991 x6672

Anita Oliver
Sports Coordinator
336 838 3991 x6660

Beth Stuart
District Administrative Assistant
336 712 2000 x6552

Hugh Hanchey
Facility and Maintenance Director
336 838 3991 x6662


David Doyle, Chair
Paul Anderson
Nellie Archibald
Ashley Blevins Barton
Christina Call
Bill Carroll
Ida Maude Collins, Legacy Member
Dr. Tyler Davis
Dan Day
Matt Daye, Legacy Member
David Edwards
Jim Faw
Crystal Keener
Jenny Richardson
Jim Smoak, Legacy Member
Barry Wald
William Watts, Legacy Member
John Willardson
Tiffany Young

Our Mission: "Helping all people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body."