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Camp Hanes Summer Camp 2022

Health Plan for Families

Safety of campers is always our priority at camp and we are working hard this summer to keep everyone healthy.  The temperatures have been warm this summer and we are continually taking measures to keep people healthy.  Please pack a water bottle, sunscreen and appropriate clothing.  We have extra bottles and sunscreen at camp. 

In our communities we are seeing an increase of COVID-19 cases and other illnesses.  If anyone in your family has been sick, unwell or has had symptoms of a communicable disease the week before camp, on arrival day or during the week we ask you to not come to camp and reach out to our team to create a plan.  You can reach us at 336-983-3131. 

During the week our nurses use our approved medical plan for our health center.  They have list of symptoms that could relate to a communicable disease, if your camper is unwell with these symptoms it can result in our team reaching out to have you come pick up your camper.    

We have updated our schedule, cleaning procedures and check in process to meet the required guidelines and have plans in place.  Here are a few more details.

  • Campers will have a brief health screenings upon arrival.  We want to confirm that everyone in your family has been healthy.  This includes headaches and upset stomachs. 
  • We are not requiring COVID-19 test before arrival.  We do have them available at camp and mask if they are needed. 
  • Check in and out for overnight camp will be staggered families may walk camper to the cabin this year but may not enter cabins to help cut down on interactions.    
  • Day camp families will check in with the day camp staff at their registered location please be patient with our team as we follow our safety procedures.  
  • We will communicate with our families any health concerns that come to our attention while your camper is at camp. 
  • We are continuing our plan on lots of handwashing and sanitizer, especially before meals. 

Please know that camp is an amazing place in everyone’s lives and you are a part of our camp family.  We have been enjoying a great summer so far.  We look forward to serving your family. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your campers lives!


Our Mission: "Helping all people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body."