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It is our goal to make your planning a quick, easy process! Here’s how to book an event at Camp Hanes and several things to consider. Contact Monica McCallum at or 336 983 3131 with all questions.

Check with your group’s schedule for possible event dates and (approximate) times. It’s best to have a few options in mind to see what will fit in the Camp Hanes calendar. If you are planning on bringing in a keynoter or special musician, don’t forget to check their availability.

Estimate how many people will be attending your event.

Consider what meals you will be interested in having while at camp.

Decide if you would like Camp Hanes to provide programming while you are here. High ropes, archery, team building and canoeing are just a few examples of possible activities we can provide your group.

Once you have all the above information, call Camp Hanes to set up your retreat and receive a contract. You are welcome to book retreats 18 months in advance.

Return signed contract within 15 days of receipt and the initial deposit at agreed upon date as listed on contract. (The deposit will be 20% of your estimated total.)

Please note that we do not “pencil-in” groups. To reserve a space you must set a contract and return a signed copy to our office.

Please be sure to pay close attention to our charges and cancellation policy (listed below.) Your signature on our contract indicates you are entering into a legally binding agreement.

Charges Policy: The number of participants you give us at the time of contracting will serve as the minimum amount we will bill you for unless you contact Camp Hanes at least two weeks prior to your event. Additionally, if your numbers increase as your event nears, it is your responsibility to contact our office in order to insure we have adequate food, sleeping accommodations and staff available for your event. (If numbers increase, we will bill you for actual participants.)

Cancellation Policy: Event cancellation less than 90 days away from your event will result in forfeiture of deposit. Event cancellation less than 30 days from your event will result in a charge of 50% of your estimated total. Event cancellation less than two weeks from the start of your event will result in a charge of 100% of your estimated total.

Weather Policy: Camp Hanes does not cancel programming due to inclement weather unless there is a travel risk for staff and/or participants (or lightning and/or high winds for high ropes and water activities.) However, we do reserve the right to adjust activities due to poor weather.

Get the word out to your group members as far in advance as possible in multiple ways. E-mail, blurbs in newsletters, special postcards even phone calls are all effective ways to inform potential participants. Keep reminding people, encourage them to register early.

Begin work on your retreat schedule early. Plan times to be active and times to be more reserved. Be sure to provide your group some free time options if you choose.

Develop a lodging plan based on your reserved spaces, keeping in mind that at least one (preferably two) adults must be in each sleeping location

Consider combining your event registration form with a participant health form so that you have basic information in case of an emergency. This is also a great place to ask about any food allergy information to provide to the camp staff.

Camp Hanes strongly recommends each group designate a group member who will be responsible for first aid and dispensing medicine for group members under 18 years old. We do not provide emergency or routine health care services for conference/retreat groups.

If your group is utilizing any Camp Hanes activities, remember to provide participants with a Challenge Course Waiver (which must be signed by parent/guardian for all members younger than 18 years old.)

Provide group members with Camp Hanes information, including the web address, packing list and directions.

Contact Camp Hanes with any needs you have during the planning stage, we’ll gladly help you to the best of our ability.

Please contact the Camp Hanes office two weeks before your event as this gives us a chance to go over final details and ensure we have everything lined up perfectly for your visit. Here is a list of the information we need in order to adequately coordinate with staff and other groups:

A confirmation of your group’s arrival and departure times (and your arrival time if you are arriving earlier than the group.)

A confirmation of the number of people in your group. (Please keep in mind the numbers you provide two weeks before your visit will be the minimum number of attendees that will go on your final invoice. If you know of increases in your count after you provide us with the final number, please contact the office as soon as possible so we may account for the extra meals/lodging needed to be prepared.)

Whether any of your group members have food allergies or other special dietary requests so our food service director staff has adequate notice to meet each participants needs.

Our normal meal times are breakfast at 8 am, lunch at noon and dinner at 6 pm.

Whether you have any particular requests for how your meeting room is set up as well any specific audio-visual equipment your group may need.

A confirmation of times for any scheduled activities/ programs which require YMCA Camp Hanes staff.

A confirmation of any outdoor areas you have specific time requests for. Often times there are multiple groups on camp at a time and we will help coordinate use of spaces so everyone’s needs may (ideally) be met.

In addition, if your group is doing any teambuilding/high ropes we would like your completed group information sheet so our facilitators may begin planning for the day.

We look forward to your visit and are looking forward to working with you to insure your group has the best experience possible.