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What is a Circle and what are the obligations?

Circles are a group of friends and their fathers. Typically they are composed of seven to ten father/child pairs. Most circles meet about twice a month.  The Navigator (circle leader) plans a monthly meeting at someone’s home and the YMCA Adventure Guide Associate Director plans multiple, fun activities throughout the year as well.

Who joins a Circle?

Adventure Guides is for boys and girls ages 5-9 and their fathers or a meaningful male role model in their life.

How do I join a Circle?

There are two ways to join. You can bring your own circle together by gathering a group of friends from school, church, sports, neighborhood, etc. The other way is to contact Amelia Johnson at and let her know that you and your child(ren) are interested in joining an Adventure Guide Circle.

All new Circles can call Amelia to register or complete the interest form