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Kenneth Pettigrew, M. Div.
Executive Director
336 724 9205

Erin Johnson
Senior Regional Director - Wellness Experience
336 996 2231 x6402

Sabrina Lawrence
Wellness Experience Director
336 996 2231 x6423

Susanna O’Connell
Wellness Experience Operations Director- Eastern Branches
336 251 1090 x6318

Angelica Leonides
Senior Director of Member Experience
336 996 2231 x6414

Ammanda Crouch
Senior Program Director, Youth Development
336 724 9205

Frank Ratchford
Sports Coordinator
336 724 9205 x6361

Ian Lee
Facilities Director
336 996 2231 x6409

Jamie Post
District Administrative Assistant
336 245 7206


Derek Wilson, Chair
Scott Andree-Bowen
Aaron Bailey
Otis Belton
April Broadway
Barbara Carter
Michael Clements
Patricia Degraffinreaidt
Andrew Dinkins
Linwood Jerald
Clyde Moore
Dr. Willette Nash
Eric Puryear
Michael Suggs
Maurice Thompson
Danyelle Woodard

Our Mission: "Helping all people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body."