“The Y Can Make a Difference in Your Health”

“The Y CAN make a difference in your health. If you develop a schedule and stick to it you will see a difference. When my husband retired, he and I decided to start going to the YMCA. We workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We walk a mile and then go to the fitness room to strength train, using the weight machines.

When I began our workout schedule, my blood sugar A1C was 8.9. I had to have it checked every 3 months because it was high. Just 3 months after working out at the YMCA, my A1C had dropped to 7.5. After 6 months my A1C had dropped to 6.7. I was taking medicine to lower my A1C, but medication is no match for exercise. In addition, my cholesterol and HDL has also improved. I had never seen this kind of improvement from my medication.

My doctor is very pleased with all my test results and wants me to continue exercise with my husband. Exercise IS the key to good health. The YMCA has been a big part of my success and my husband and I continue to workout 3 days a week.”

-Rachel Kennedy, Stokes Family YMCA Member