FREE, 6-week STRONG Challenge

We’re Getting STRONG in spirit, mind, and body

Hitting the reset button together with a free, 6-week transformation

Now, more than ever, we all need to recharge and refocus on ourselves. COVID-19 has drained many of us — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Thank you to those that are starting the journey to reclaim your health with the YMCA STRONG Challenge.

What is the STRONG Challenge? It’s a free, 6-week lifestyle challenge for both YMCA members and potential members that focuses on improving your overall well being in spirit, mind, and body while having fun! 

The STRONG Challenge is not focused entirely on physical health with a series of fitness challenges — that’s just a component of it. The challenge gives you a chance to become healthier by participating as an individual, or together with your Y family. 

Each week includes new challenges that are sent via email and text that includes motivation, challenges, workouts and more. And to help motivate both ourselves and each other as we all go through this journey together, we invite you to join the YMCA of NWNC STRONG Challenge Community. 

This private Facebook group is for participants of the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina’s STRONG Challenge. Post encouragement, success stories, and transformational moments!

Each week has a different focus, or theme:

Week 1: GOALS
Week 2: PLAY
Week 4: REST
Week 5: SERVE


Six weeks, 20 minutes a day, five days a week! We’ll experiment with challenges and rhythms designed to open us up to a purpose driven life that is STRONG. Take the Challenge, have some fun, and discover what it means to be STRONG.