Stokes Personal Trainers

Allison Mabe

In middle school I started gaining weight from being sedentary and got over 200 lbs. My first year of high school I decided I did not like the road I was going down and decided I was going to lose the weight.  I started going to the YMCA and walking and eventually got to the point where I could run a mile.  I really enjoyed running and decided to enter into a 5k.  My mom and I ran the 5k and ended up finishing next to last in the race, but we had so much fun doing it that I knew that I wanted to keep running.  By the end of that year I had lost 40 pounds.

At the age of 18 I started working at the YMCA because of the impact the YMCA had on my life.  While working at the YMCA I attended UNCG focusing on a degree in Exercise Sports Science.  After graduating, I started working at the YMCA full time as the Wellness Coordinator focusing on Personal Training and Group Exercise.  I love how exercise makes me feel and the outcomes it brings.  My goal as a personal trainer is to help others reach their goals and see how great exercise can make them feel.

Allison Dotson

My name is Allison Dotson and I have a passion for fitness! I am married to Randy and have two daughters, Daphne and Olivia. Shortly after Olivia was born in 2004, I found myself seriously overweight and in need of a change in my life in order to keep up with a very active family. I decided to change my diet in order to lose weight and teach my children healthier habits. On May 1, 2005, I started my weight loss journey. I started working out and changed my diet and by March 2006 I had lost 62 lbs.  I was so motivated by my new found healthy lifestyle that I wanted to share it with everyone!

For my 39th birthday, my husband and I became certified personal trainers through AFAA. I started working with the YMCA in February of 2011 and have also received several YMCA certifications including LIVESTRONG®.  I currently teach Bootcamp, Cycle and several specialty programs including Metobolic Conditioning, Get Ripped and Women on Weights.  I especially love to train with free weight and enjoying teaching people who might be intimidated by that area.

When I am not exercising, I am chasing my very active family. The best part of all is that you will most times find one or more of them exercising with me. It is definitely the best part of getting healthy!!

Kay Atkins

I am a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Water Fitness Instructor, Membership Specialist, and have been involved in various other programs such as LIVESTRONG® and Transformation Triad.

Not a day would go by; I would be sitting on the edge of my bed, with pain so bad that I would be crying. After awhile I could not even walk up to my back door from my garden. Dr. Michelle diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, with bone spurs all over my body and running up & down my spine. Dr. Michelle told me she had never seen anyone with so many bone spurs. She also noticed I had early signs of deteriorating bones. So she gave me some meds and this is when my life changed forever because she actually told me to join the YMCA, lose some weight, and work out your pain. So I joined the Y! I started out slow doing water aerobics. For one year I would take my lunch hour and do water aerobics. It was great and it did work, I was back to my old self, and losing weight and feeling so much better. Then Barbara White, who was a Water Fitness Instructor, asked me if I would be interested in teaching water aerobics. So I did and I started out just part time at night after I got off from work.

It was not long before I started working at the front desk, I kept watching the exercise instructors and was so jealous – I wanted more! I began trying all the classes out and loving them all! I told everyone I was going to get my Personal Training Certification and I am so glad I did.

Now I work with people who have had strokes, heart problems and with limited mobility. My life has changed so much and I feel like I have found what I was meant to do. It took me 56 years to find my calling, so I tell everyone don’t give up on yourself – no matter how low you get, God has a plan for you. God has blessed me beyond what I deserve and I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I work with great people and we have great management and that makes the YMCA the place to be.

Stephanie Durick

I am a AFAA Personal Trainer. Other positions that I hold with the Y are a Wellness Coach, Group Exercise Instructor, LIVESTRONG® trainer, and I also help with specialty programs with the Y. Another thing I do is work with stroke clients.

I became really passionate about this several years ago. After I had my children I was looking for a great outlet for my family, and this became the best way for me and the boys to get out of the house. The more I worked out, the more I thought – I can do this. It was really hard at first and I just kept adding workouts and classes. Then I asked how I could become an employee so I started in the Fitness Center helping members to be set up on equipment, next I went on to add classes. Then I took a big step for myself and got my Personal Training certification. I wanted to give back and help as many people as I could – mentally, spiritually, and physically. I love working with anyone, I love to help with motivation and making you realize that you can do whatever you put your mind to! I enjoy working out, running, spending time with my children and my friends. Also being outdoors!

Rusty Spaugh

I am a certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise instructor. I am a Black Belt and coached basketball at the High School Level and AAU. I have worked with various ages from 10 year old children to 65 year old adults. Plus, I am certified in First Aid and CPR.


Sarah Coleman

I started at the YMCA in 2012 as a group exercise instructor and started working in the wellness center soon thereafter. I am a certified Personal Trainer and teach Les Mills BodyPump, BodyVive, CXWORX, and yoga. I truly enjoy what I do and I am thankful for how it has changed my life. I am healthier, happier and more outgoing because of my job at the Y. Most importantly, I have formed the most wonderful relationships with people from the Y.