Jerry Long Lifeguard Certification Class

2021-02/03 Lifeguard Class Full Certification

Jerry Long Family YMCA

Complete medical clearance (recommended)
Minimum age 16. If under the age of 18, participant must have parental consent to take this course.
Pass the following swimming test:
Tread water for two minutes without using arms then swim a 100 front crawl
Swim a 50 each of front crawl with head up, sidestroke, breaststroke, breaststroke with head up, breaststroke kick on back
Feet first surface dive to bottom, swim 15 feet, then surface
Sprint approximately 20 meters, arm first surface dive to retrieve an object, then tread water for 1 minute without using hands
Replace object on bottom, climb out of pool and perform 100 CPR compressions

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16 and above
Registration Dates:
12/02/20 - 02/24/21
Program Dates:
02/27/21 - 03/13/21
Program Days:
Tues, Thur, Sat
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