New Year’s Resolution Inspiration: Terri’s Y Story

If you’re like me starting a life style change to lose weight is as hard as can be. Just walking into the Kernersville Family YMCA alone and not knowing a single person was a huge step. I had no idea what I was doing or how to use any of the machines, and the free weight room was out of the question intimidating. I decided I needed some help if I was going to learn how to use everything and get on the right path to losing the weight I wanted and hitting my goals. So that very week I signed up to some Personal Training sessions with Cindy Welsh and that first hour with her I thought she was killing me! But I felt great and accomplished that I was able to get through it. So I continued to work with her once a week for an hour and she helped show me how to work out and what was the correct way to do what I needed in and out of the gym to reach my goals. The staff at the Kernersville Y are always welcoming from the minute you walk in the door they don’t make you feel like you are a burden because you have questions or need assistance. They are genuinely happy to offer assistance any way they can. The members are the same way, each one have been warm and welcoming and not lost in their own world, you get to know each other and become friends.

In the almost two years that I have been a member of the Y, I have reached milestone after milestone that I never thought would be possible. With the help of Cindy, the free weight room is not only no longer intimidating, but I can say with all confidence that I feel right at home in there. She and the staff of the wellness center have helped to push and motivate me to reach heights I never thought was possible. Every time I hit a plateau or think I can’t go any more they help me workout in a different way to get me over that hump and I cannot thank them enough for it.

Since I started working out at the Kernersville Y, I have dropped 3 pant and shirt sizes. If someone had said to me a year and a half ago that I was going to be wearing smalls and size 8 clothes I would have said they were crazy. Same goes for the two 5K races I have run, I never was and will never consider myself a runner. When Cindy first suggested we do a 5K last year I thought she was crazy and that I was never going to make it and now that I have done two I know there are no more limits to what I can accomplish with my fitness and weight loss. With the help and support of everyone here I have gone from worrying about the number on the scale to concentrating on how I feel and the way my clothes fit. My journey is not over yet but I know that with the people at the YMCA to support me I will be able to reach and surpass every goal I have yet to reach.