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Camp Hanes Summer Camp 2022

Health Plan for Families


  1. Prevention
  • Before attending camp we ask any staff and campers feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms of an infectious disease to remain home from camp.
  • Training for staff and campers on hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette and health and safety procedures. 
  • We encourage all eligible staff and campers to get the COVID-19 vaccination and stay up to date with their health care.
  • Communicate plans with Stokes County Health Department.  
  1. Monitoring Campers and Staff
  • Campers, during the first day of camp, will meet nurses for a general wellness screening/lice check. 
  • Isolate anyone with symptoms and provide care until pick up. We request pick up be within 3 hours of notification from Camp Staff. Disinfect area after they are taken home according to CDC guidelines.   
  1. Cabins/Rest Areas 
  • Arrange cabins for physical distancing while sleeping according to ACA guidelines/good ventilation.  
  1. Daily Activities
  • Activities this year will include a mix of cabin/day camp group activities, some open choice time based on the age group of campers and large group activities in an outdoor environment.  
  1. Meal Services
  • Campers will wash hands before entering the dining hall.    
  • Campers with dietary concerns will have an individual plate made by the kitchen staff.  
  1. Cleaning Camp
  • Hand Sanitizer will be located at cabins, dining hall, check in area, and any high traffic areas. 
  • Ongoing sanitation and cleaning for high-touch areas.  
  • Make sure areas are well ventilated.  
  1. Busing
  • Parents may not be on buses. 
  • Windows open when appropriate for ventilation.  
  1. Check In / Check Out Procedures 
  • Camp staff will guide families through the drop off/pick up process.  
  • Families will be prepared to show id and know code word. 
  • Overnight Camp check in will be staggered.  
  • Day Camp families will check in and out from their car. 
  1. Health Center
  • Nurses will be onsite during the week to help monitor campers. 
  • Good communication with families.  If a camper is unwell they will go to the nurses to check symptoms if needed they will be rechecked in an hour.  If the symptoms require there is an isolation space available. We will reach out to the family to pick up the camper. Campers must be picked up within 3 hours of being notified by Camp Hanes Staff. 
  • Families will be informed and updated if there are concerns or health issues.  
  • Follow NC Department of Health and Human Services guidance on a potential exposure to illness.  
  1. Additional Actions at Camp
  • Have signage onsite. 
  • Provide support to campers and families who choose to wear a mask.  
  • Good ventilation in buildings and take measures to increase circulation of fresh air. 
  • Prioritize outdoor activities. 
  • Camp will have a well stocked infirmary for dealing with health concerns, testing and a good relationship with local EMS and doctor’s orders.