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Pool is closed for the season

For year-round swimming, contact the Statesville Family YMCA at (704) 873-9622.

Swim Testing Policy

Swim Testing

  • All elementary school age students must be swim tested and have a parent/adult guardian on pool deck at all times.
  • Middle school students must be swim tested before being allowed to swim in the pools.
  • Rising High School students will not be required to swim test unless they appear to be a weak swimmer in water that is over their head.

Lifeguards Will Adhere To The Following Policies

  • Swim tests must be performed in the lap side by the wall of the pool.
  • Swimmers must front crawl swim from the shallow end to the deep end, tread water 30 seconds, & swim back crawl to return to the shallow end. Swimmer is not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool at any time during the swim test.  After the swim test, participants must jump into the deep end & then climb out on the side of the pool with ease. Ladders may not be used.
  • The testing lifeguard will rate each swimmer and issue a band color associated with perceived skill level.
  • Only US Coast Guard approved flotation is allowed in the pool.

Pool Swim

  • If the participant chooses not to wear approved floatation the parent/adult guardian must be in the pool within an arm’s reach of the swimmer.
  • Adult guardian must be at least 18 years of age.
  • One parent may not have more than 2 children of red level without approved floatation.  There may be up to 3 children with one parent if the child has approved floatation.
  • Red bands – do not swim. They are allowed in the training side alone, but they must wear a life-jacket at all times. They must be able to maintain an upright position in the life-jacket and roll from front to back and back to front without panic. If they wish to swim without floatation, parent or adult guardian must be within arm’s reach of the swimmer.
  • Yellow bands – May swim in the training  and play side without floatation. If they wish to go into the lap side, they must have a life-jacket or parent/adult guardian within arm’s reach of the child.
  • Green bands – may swim anywhere in the pool without floatation.
  • Adults may be swim tested if they do not appear to be a strong swimmer. They must be able to demonstrate the ability to float and stand without difficulty in the shallow end.

If swimmer or parent wishes to retest, they must wait at least 7 days from the first test date before they are allowed to retest.  A dated log book will be kept at pool side listing all swimmers alphabetically.

The skill testing lifeguard has the authority to change the issued band color if swim ability is questioned.

All visiting groups and guests will be swim tested.

If any swimmer exchanges bands with another swimmer of any ability, both swimmers will be removed from the pool and banned from swimming at the Y for 30 days. 


Contact Tori Cearlock at (704) 873 9622 or t.cearlock@ymcanwnc.org

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request when the pool is open for the summer. Click here for the private lesson registration form. Please schedule private lessons in advance by contacting Mitsuko Sugimoto at (704) 873-9622 or m.sugimoto@ymcanwnc.org.


Facility Rentals

Members or potential members may rent our outdoor pool (in the summer), gyms, meeting room and/or fields for a fee.

Learn more about our rental policies and fees.