International Partnerships

iStock_000002379390MediumOur local YMCA is proud to have a partnership with an international YMCA detailed below.  To learn about what other YMCAs are doing on the global stage, please visit YMCA World Service.

YMCAs are at work in more than 120 countries around the world, serving more than 30 million people. Over 230 U.S. YMCAs maintain more than 370 relationships with Ys in other countries. Many also operate international programs and/or contribute to YMCA work worldwide through international education, fairs and World Camp. The YMCA of the USA is a member of the World Alliance of YMCAs, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.


The YMCA has longstanding roots in this eastern European country. Established in 1913, the Ukraine YMCA now boasts 23 regional locations and reaches over 10,000 people.

Two of the more notable and unique services being offered by the YMCA include AIDS/HIV education and assistance with local orphanages. More typical programs like aerobics, Cossack martial arts, Arts and Crafts, English tutoring and drama are offered as well. For more information on the Ukrainian YMCA, go to

With a relationship that dates back to 1992, the partnership between the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina and Ukraine is one of our strongest. In addition to providing financial assistance and leadership guidance, dozens of staff, volunteers and teens have participated in exchanges that range from Home Stays to Service Learning Camps to Community Service Projects. We believe that this interaction has been instrumental in advancing the YMCA mission on both personal and international levels.

For more information on our international partnership with the Ukraine YMCA, contact Kristen Horne at