YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

2018 Annual Report

Community Benefit


At the Y, we make a difference by focusing on three key areas: Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. We work to strengthen our communities by investing in our kids, our health and our neighbors. In 2018, through Annual Giving Campaign support and grants, our Y provided $4.7M in charitable assistance, scholarships, subsidized and free programs to members and program participants.


During 2018, 2,878 volunteers provided 20,932 hours of service throughout our Association as board members, storytellers, coaches and program volunteers.

Our Community Impact

By the Numbers

Thanks to you....

US is a possibility realized

- President/CEO & Our Chief Volunteer Officer

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Dear Friends,

This was a year of significant transition for our Association. We welcomed a new leader, President and Chief Executive Officer Stan Law. The transition has provided an opportunity to expand on an excellent foundation with renewed energy and perspectives.

We focused this year on evaluating our YMCA with fresh eyes in order to ensure that the work we do is meeting the needs of the communities we serve. Through meetings with community leaders, our new leadership was able to begin building relationships that will lead to future opportunities to serve in new and different ways. In particular, we began an assessment of how well the Y is serving East Winston. While the Winston Lake Family YMCA has faced challenges, the question is not how to fix it, but rather how do we best serve the East Winston community for years to come.

The commitment to serve diverse communities is central to the work of the Y. Our Association received a grant from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to fund a new Y program called Unidos. Named for the Spanish word for United, Unidos will address three issues: the achievement gap, social and emotional learning, and family engagement in education and will target Hispanic students at Title 1 middle schools in the Winston-Salem, Forsyth County School System.

2017 also had challenges outside of our control, which brought unexpected opportunities. The tornado that hit YMCA Camp Hanes just a few short weeks before summer camp was scheduled to begin caused significant damage. But the community response was overwhelming – from volunteers cleaning up camp to generous capital donations to help rebuild – Camp will be even more beautiful and serve even more children than ever before.

We also continue to invest in our facilities. The Statesville Family YMCA completed the newly-renovated Youth Development wing of the building. Many YMCAs received new state-of-the-art exercise equipment. We launched new chronic disease prevention programs to continue our work of helping people address health and wellness challenges. Y membership is now nationwide, so members can visit any participating YMCA across the country.

And finally, we developed an implementation plan for the Strategic Plan, “Moving Our Mission Forward.” The goal of the plan is to enhance our impact on those we serve through intentionality in programming, brand positioning, and advocacy efforts so that the Y is better understood as a vital community resource when it comes to addressing issues.

The issues facing our communities are complex. It will require partnerships, collaboration, and additional resources to ensure that we have the greatest impact in strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

We are grateful for the support of our donors, volunteers, members, and staff who make the work of the Y possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

In Spirit, Mind, and Body,

Chief Volunteer Officer
President and Chief Executive Officer

The Achievers

For Social Responsibility

As it is widely known, the path to college is not always an easy one. Numerous factors can come into play for young students: prohibitive cost, lack of knowledge of school options and uncertainty of how to navigate applying, to name a few. These circumstances can often be magnified in minority cultures, which is where the YMCA Achievers programs come into play.

In conjunction with Crosby Scholars, both Latino Achievers and Black Achievers step in and assist high school students with every aspect of obtaining higher education and preparing a career path for adulthood. The Achievers programs are just some of the signature programs of the College and Career Academy offered by the YMCA. Other programs under this umbrella include The YMCA Leaders Club, Teen Service Society and the long-running Youth & Government program. All programs focus on guiding teenagers toward becoming responsible and engaged adults.

There are currently nearly 900 high school students taking part in Black Achievers; almost 950 in Latino Achievers. In the 2017/2018 school year, these two initiatives had an incredible combined high school graduation rate of 100%. Both programs seek to form responsible, well-rounded young adults through everything from team building and problem solving to test preparation and service learning. As the students enter the later years of high school, SAT/ACT prep, workforce development and college tours receive even greater emphasis.

“So many of our students are the first generation of their families to even consider college,” says Vivian Perez Chandler, Director of Latino Achievers. “The obstacles that they are not sure how to overcome – sometimes even language gaps – are where we are able to walk alongside them so that they can realize their dreams.”

“Our programs mirror one another,” says Megan Mills, Director of Black Achievers. “Our goal is to prepare these students for the post-secondary opportunities that are out there for them.”

Take the case of Michelle, a Latino Achievers participant, who has been a part of the program since she was in 10th grade. She is now a 12th grader who is grateful that her parents moved to a country that offered her limitless life options. After learning how to research, apply to and assist in paying for college, Michelle has been accepted at all six of the schools to which she applied and has been offered scholarships at each of those schools.

Or Ryan, now a student at Winston-Salem State University, who took part in Black Achievers in high school. One of the highlights of the program for him was the volunteer work he was exposed to in the community. After graduation from college, he plans to start a foundation to continue giving back to the community of Winston-Salem, the YMCA and the Black Achievers program.

Needless to say, these two programs go above and beyond in helping these young people achieve their God-given potential.

Camp Hanes Even Better

For Youth Development

On May 24, 2017, YMCA Camp Hanes Executive Director Val Elliott found himself huddled with his staff in a downstairs camp bathroom with several layers of concrete between them and the outside.  Of course, now a well-known story, an EF-2 tornado ripped through camp leaving unimaginable damage in its path. All told, more than $1.5 million in damage was done to the property, which opened in 1927.  But, nearly two years later, YMCA Camp Hanes has risen from the ashes, to put it lightly.

“The first 36 to 48 hours were pure emotion,” says Val. “Camp had been decimated, and we had no idea what to do next.”  But before he knew it, disaster professionals, camp staff, the greater YMCA family, local community, former campers, friends of Camp Hanes and more came together and got to work.  “Our motto became ‘Camp Hanes Even Better.’ ”

Today, the property is a beautiful, rebuilt site. “Camp may look different, but the culture is the same.  That hasn’t changed,” says Jen de Ridder, Senior Program Director at YMCA Camp Hanes. “The opportunities that the tornado provided us have allowed us to add new programs, new accommodations and more for all of those who come to camp.”

Following the work done to rebuild post-tornado, YMCA Camp Hanes boasts several new features that would have never been possible without the work and support since that fateful day in May two years ago.  Particularly of note is the $1 Million gift given by ardent YMCA Camp Hanes supporters Bud and Suzanne Baker, used to spearhead the massive work that went into restoring the property. Central to camp are new flag poles displaying the American flag, State flag and Christian flag. During the summers, a flag-raising ceremony is held at this location each day. A new, one-of-a-kind climbing tower now sits in an ideal spot on the property instead of in the somewhat distant location where the old tower was located.  This new feature allows for 30 kids to climb at a time; the old tower was only equipped to handle just two. 

A rebuild of the Canteen area (a favorite of camp alumni) and the Wood Pavilion took place.  The new 5700-square-foot Reynolds Center, situated to show off the best views of camp, houses both office space and an impressive new conference room.  Both the dining hall and gym floors suffered extensive damage and now have been replaced, with a wood floor going back in the dining hall to keep the warm, inviting feeling that it has always had. And a new athletic field now allows for lacrosse, football and soccer for campers and guests who visit. All 28 buildings at camp have new roofs.

An area that was cleared by the storm is now earmarked for a new 2 cabin duplex that will house more 30 additional campers. Camp staff also has aspirations to add a boardwalk around the property’s lake as well as many more miles of hiking trails. The need for support continues at YMCA Camp Hanes to ensure that accommodations and programming can continue for another 92 years and beyond of serving campers and other visitors.

“It was a disastrous event, but there is opportunity in crisis,” says Val. “We are back.  We are better. Youth Development is too important a job to let a tornado get in the way of what we do.”

Camp Hanes Even Better, indeed.

Diabetes Prevention Program

For Healthy Living

A little more than five years ago, David Hinton was given a crystal ball of sorts at his annual physical exam with his primary care physician. He was able to see into the future path he was on regarding his health, and he didn’t like what he saw. “I found out that I was pre-diabetic,” David says. “Having lost both of my parents, both of whom were diabetic, within a period of six months not long before then, this news really hit home. I had seen – very personally – the effects of diabetes, hypertension and renal failure.”

At that time, David weighed in at 238 pounds and had an A1C of 6.4. A1C is a level in a person’s blood that measures their glucose level, and David’s was at the highest point it could be before it indicated that he was, in fact, diabetic.

David took action. He knew he had to right the ship. He kicked up his exercise habits, realizing that he needed to lose weight to get back into a comfortable range – both on the scale and also in regards to his A1C. But after 3 months, David found that, despite his efforts, he was only down to 234 pounds. He was frustrated.

Enter the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program – a year-long endeavor with the end goal of bringing its participants back into a healthy way of living and a more regulated weight and blood glucose level. David began the class in May of that year, and after 6 months of weekly classes followed by another 6 months of monthly classes, David reached a weight of 210 pounds and a lower A1C of 6.1.

“The goal of the class was to lose seven percent of my body weight,” he says. “I needed to exercise more, yes, but my eating habits also needed to change as well.” David had snacking habits of things like Ritz crackers (a whole sleeve of them) and whole milk. These choices were doing nothing more than piling an overload of fat grams into his diet that were causing more damage than they were ever worth. Being aware of the diet choices he was making made a huge impact on his overall health and continues to do so today.

He added hot yoga to his exercise repertoire that already consisted of spending time on the elliptical machine and in the weight room. At last check, just this past November, David’s weight has stayed steady, and his A1C is the best it has ever been at 5.5.

“It was about making a lifestyle change,” David says. A lifestyle change that, thanks to the Y, David was able to make and has been able to successfully maintain.

Public Support & Revenue

Financial Overview

  • Contributions & Grants%11.9
  • United Way%1.7
  • Membership%61.4
  • Program Fees%23.8
  • Other%1.2
PUBLIC SUPPORT & REVENUE 2018 (unaudited, 000's) 2017 (000's)
Contributions and Grants $3,923 $3,832
United Way 544 601
Membership * 20,185 19,231
Program Fees ** 7,829 7,837
Other 418 472
TOTAL $32,899 $31,973

* Net of direct Financial Assistance of $1.2M for both years
**Net of direct Financial Assistance of $1M for both years

Operating Expenses

Financial Overview

  • Personnel%60.18
  • Occupancy%16.77
  • Supplies & Equipment%10.09
  • Marketing%1.54
  • Vehicles & Transportation%1.09
  • National/World Service Support%1.52
  • Capital Debt Retirement%4.06
  • Capital, Maintenance, Operating Reserves%4.74
  • Other%0.02
OPERATING EXPENSES 2018 (unaudited, 000's) 2017 (000's)
Personnel $19,797 $19,392
Occupancy 5,516 5,485
Supplies & Equipment 3,319 3,280
Marketing 508 424
Vehicles & Transportation 357 311
National/World Service Support 500 501
Capital Debt Retirement 1,336 1,336
Capital, Maintenance, & Operating Reserves 1,559 1,209
Other 7 35
TOTAL $32,899 $31,973

The Heritage Club

Helping the Y Build a Better Us

2018 Youth Leaders

Of the Year

2018 Adult Volunteers

Of the Year

  • Carol MitchellAlexander County Family YMCA
  • Don RouthDavie Family YMCA
  • Terry LanierFulton Family YMCA
  • Bill SummersJerry Long Family YMCA
  • Duane LongKernersville Family YMCA
  • Cotton LentzStatesville Family YMCA
  • Albert RamirezRobinhood Road Family YMCA
  • Rodney and Stacey RothrockStokes Family YMCA
  • Mary HendersonWilkes Family YMCA
  • Greg MartinWilliam G. White, Jvr. Family YMCA
  • Carl GlennWinston Lake Family YMCA
  • Jamie ReavisYadkin Family YMCA
  • Mark HoltonYMCA Camp Hanes
  • Lee RaymerYMCA Youth Development

Red Triangle Award Winners

Tim Gupton & Randy Welfare

Randy Welfare is a lifelong Camp Hanes guy. His father was a camper there. He grew up as a camper at Camp Hanes along with his 5 brothers. His kids have been involved there, and now his grandkids are as well. A mortgage banker by career, now retired, he has cycled on and off the Board of Directors at camp since sometime in the early 80s. Somewhere around the mid-1980s, Randy met Tim Gupton, a now-retired vice president with Carswell Distributing, when he and his family moved to town. They met in church, and soon thereafter Randy introduced Tim to Camp Hanes and, subsequently, to the board. Tim’s son spent time at as a Camp Hanes camper growing up. Now, too, his grandkids carry on the tradition by working their summers on the property.

They have both given decades of their lives to the YMCA through their persistent dedication to the board at Camp Hanes. “This just stuck, I didn’t want to leave,” says Tim. “How can you not want to be involved in the work being done here?”

As for Randy, the time and energy that he has gifted to Camp Hanes has been “one of the joys of my life,” he says.

One of their largest contributions and legacies has been their work on the Christian Emphasis Committee through the board at camp. “It is important – so important – to make sure that the ‘C’ in YMCA is and will always be a capital C. That things always stay Christ-centered,” says Tim.

Chairman Round Table Donors

Annual Giving Campaign

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Clemmons Community Foundation
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Co
  • Reynolds American, Inc.
  • Ed Welch

1888 Society

  • Woody Clinard
  • E. H. Barnard Charitable Trust
  • Mark and Melanie Holton
  • Stan and Anita Law
  • Novant Health Social Responsibility
  • Precor USA
  • Primerica Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Clemmons
  • Max Smith and Wendy Parker
  • David Spross
  • Bill and Cynthia Tessien
  • Tivity Health
  • Vienna Village Assisted Living
  • Dr. Scott and Nikki Vogler
  • Wake Forest Baptist Health

Patterson Avenue Society

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Athletes for Others Inc
  • Beltone Hearing Care Centers
  • Tim and Kim Brittain
  • Carolina Climbers Coalition
  • Carolina West Wireless
  • Cook Medical
  • Dairi-O, LLC
  • Thomas Fanjoy
  • Cam and Tammy Finley
  • Food Lion
  • Herbalife
  • Lee Herring, Leonard G Herrig Family Foundation Inc
  • Hispanic League
  • Jeff Hogg, Hogg's Ceramic Tile
  • Mike and Amy Hough
  • Industries of the Blind
  • Kernersville Foundation
  • Bailey and Julie Koch
  • Kulynych Family Foundation II, Inc.
  • Liberty East Redevelopment, Inc
  • Liberty Hardware
  • Margaret C. Woodson Foundation
  • Matrix Fitness Systems
  • New Church
  • Bonnie Oliver
  • Page Interworks, PA
  • Pepsico
  • Porsche Owners Association
  • Burton and Frances Reifler
  • Tom and Kathy Rucker
  • Salem Smiles Orthodontics
  • Rich and Ashley Schmidt
  • Jim and Luci Smoak
  • John E. Stewart
  • Cynthia Stewart-Stokes
  • Larry and Diane Stone
  • The Budd Group
  • Fred and Rena Trivette
  • David and Katie Twomley
  • United Auto Workers Local 3520
  • US Foodservice
  • Ben and Borgia Walker
  • Aaron and Cynthia Williams
  • Keith and Linda Wood
  • Wayne York

Cause Champions

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ajizian
  • Allegacy Federal Credit Union
  • Allyn Healthcare Professionals
  • Bob and Stephany Alphin
  • BB&T
  • Helen R. Bean
  • Alan Berger
  • Best Services Group, Inc.
  • David T. Burr
  • Bedford and Elizabeth Cannon
  • Barbara R. Carter
  • Jim and Jane Cartner
  • Mark and Angela Casstevens
  • Thomas and Anne Caudle
  • Lenuel and Sandy Chamberlain
  • Greg and Carrie Collins
  • Darian Creed
  • Bill and Marie Davis
  • Andrew and Heather Diakos
  • Mark and Susan Doughton
  • Melissa Farrell
  • Rusty and Christy Garner
  • Ray Morrison and Jeni Geisler
  • Rob and Pam Gill
  • Adam and Becky Ginn
  • Toby Gordon
  • Greater Charlotte Automobilie Dealers Inc.
  • Darryl and Karin Head
  • Brian and Tina Heelan
  • Heritage Hardwood Floors
  • Hillcrest Vision, OD PA
  • Walter and Edie Holland
  • Jim and Ashby Hopkins
  • William Hutchins and Kathy Dunn
  • JDL Castle Corporation
  • Eric and Alison Johnson
  • Porsche N. Jones
  • Karin Head Realty
  • Brentwood Kirven
  • Brad and Michelle Klosterman
  • Will and Roberta Latham
  • Lawrence E. Pope Foundation
  • Rob and Candy Lockwood
  • Virginius Lougee, III
  • Jon and Kimberly Marzano
  • David and Kim McClure
  • MedCost Benefit Services
  • Carla Menichiello
  • Joe and Cece Middleton
  • Michael and Chris Morykwas
  • Adam Murray
  • North Wilkesboro Rotary Club
  • Susanna Nunn, State Farm Insurance Agency
  • Ogburn Electric Company, Inc.
  • Dave and Vivian Orrell
  • Pfefferkorn Foundation, Inc.
  • PVH Corporation
  • Reynolda Church
  • Jack and Chris Ritchie
  • Brad and Donna Rodgers
  • Rotary Club of Kernersville
  • John and Susan Royster
  • Rye Foundation Inc.
  • Hernan and Lesha Sabio
  • Wade and Sarah Sanders
  • John and Kelly Sealey
  • Bradley and Katie Sellers
  • Sharpe Co
  • Paul and Kathryn Spanos
  • Selester and Freda Stewart
  • Doug Stimmel
  • Mike and Rosemary Suess
  • Ryan and Terri Terlecki
  • The Cecile G. Ebert Charitable Foundation
  • Truliant Federal Credit Union
  • Truth Broadcasting 97.7 FM
  • Mike Case, Tufco Carolinas, Inc.
  • Mary Turner
  • TYDE Swim Team
  • Sarah and David Valliere
  • Veritiv Corp
  • VF Jeanswear
  • Walmart #1337
  • William and Reba Warren
  • William and Karen Watts
  • Randy and Terri Welfare
  • Trevor and Caroline Whitson
  • Wilkes Communications
  • Mike and Robin Willard
  • Rebecca Wilson
  • Zach and Melody Wright

Difference Makers

  • Anonymous (18)
  • 1st Rx Pharmacy, Inc
  • 6th & Main
  • A+ Ready Restrooms & Septic, Inc
  • Abbot Downing
  • Patricia and Arthur Acampora
  • Ace Solutions, Inc
  • Heather Adams and Tracy Perry
  • Ricky and Sharon Adkins
  • Dr. Harley P. Affeldt
  • Joel and Mindi Alexandra
  • Allegra Print & Imaging
  • Jeff and Laura Allen
  • Amanzi Marble and Granite
  • AmeriClean Supply, Inc.
  • Anderson Asphalt Services
  • Paul Anderson
  • Dr. Thomas Anderson
  • Ida Apellaniz-Thomas
  • Archer Advanced Rubber Components
  • Ardmore Dentistry
  • Ken and Devvie Asel
  • Ted Ashley
  • Phil and Vicky Auchincloss
  • AVGOL Nonwoven Industries, Inc
  • Awake Church
  • B & G Foods, Inc
  • John and Emily Babcock
  • Susan Bachmeier
  • Heather Barnes
  • Barnette Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc
  • Hubert and Marcia Barney
  • David and Carol Barron
  • Karen Bartoletti and Shannon McKeen
  • Jeff and Lisa Beard
  • John and Jennifer Beebe
  • Corey Beers
  • Bell, Davis and Pitt, PA
  • Nancy Bellamy
  • Joan Marie Belnap
  • Candice Benbow
  • Keith and Aileen Bentley
  • Steve and Kim Berlin
  • Big Shots
  • Black Business Inc
  • Blake Blakley
  • Blakley Landscaping Services
  • Lynn and Maggie Blankenship
  • Jim and Karen Blaylock
  • Larry and Cathy Blevins
  • Ms. Leslie J. Blixt
  • Blue Bridge Insurance
  • Blue Moon Benefits Group
  • Bobo's Deli and Grill
  • David and Emily Bodenheimer
  • Harry Boone
  • Boone Enterprises
  • Chris and Mauri Booth
  • Leonard Borges
  • John and Ladonna Bost
  • Donald Bowen
  • Thomas Ridge Bowen
  • Covia Boyd
  • Bruce and Kathy Boyer
  • Charles and Emily Branch
  • Mitchell and Mitzie Branon
  • David and Bettie Braswell
  • In Loving Memory of Kevin Braswell
  • Jim Braun
  • Ty Browder
  • Chad Brown
  • Megan and Davin Brown
  • Marty Brown
  • Thom and Janice Brown
  • Tom and Cam Brown
  • David and Lynn Brown
  • Joel and Shannon Bruggen
  • Brushy Mountain Smokehouse and Creamery
  • Curvy and Yveline Buford
  • Bruce R. Bullings
  • James and Elizabeth Burch
  • Jennifer Burge-Carter
  • Ken Burkel
  • Steve Byrd
  • C. R. Onsrud Inc
  • Camel City BBQ
  • Allen and Libby Campbell
  • Adam Cardwell
  • Don Carlton
  • Todd Carlton
  • Carolina Center for Eye Care
  • William and Martha Carpenter
  • Jody and Kelly Carpenter
  • Kevin and Kelley Carroll
  • William and Marietta Carroll
  • Mike and Christi Case
  • Tori Cearlock
  • Center Grove Baptist Church
  • Ody and Irene Chamis
  • Neal and Sharon Cheek
  • Frank and Beth Chen
  • Chick-fil-A at Kernersville
  • Chick-fil-A at Stanleyville
  • Chick-fil-A at Thruway Shopping Center
  • Forrest and Mary Childers
  • Choice Electric, Inc.
  • Christy Trucking Company, LLC
  • Chris Chunn
  • Church and Church Lumber Co.
  • Dev Clark
  • Chad Clark
  • David and Susan Clark
  • John and Shannon Clarkin
  • Classic Toyota Hyundai
  • Ron and Robin Clein
  • Jay and Stephanie Clement
  • Michael and Gwenn Clements
  • Cory and Elizabeth Cline
  • Jimmie and Sandie Cline
  • Mark and Sherry Close
  • Dan and Anne Clowers
  • James and Jondrea Clyburn
  • Charles W. Coale Jr.
  • William C. Cockerham Jr.
  • Tamara and Brent Coffey
  • Andrew and Annie Coffey
  • Larry and Beverly Colbourne
  • Al Coleman
  • Collide Church
  • Ida Maude Collins
  • Mike and Janice Combest
  • John and Debbie Combs
  • Billy and Diane Comer
  • Comfort Zone HVAC
  • Bob Compton
  • Cone Health MedCenter Kernersville
  • Gary and Monica Cook
  • Beverly B. Cook
  • Brian T. Cormier
  • Corning, Inc
  • Brooke and Steve Cox
  • Craig Hendrix Construction Co
  • Galen and Michelle Craun
  • Jon and Erin Craver
  • Jeff and Barb Creep
  • Judge Andy Cromer
  • Yyron Croslin
  • Peter and Dale Cross
  • Crossfit Hanes Mill
  • John and Ammanda Crouch
  • Kent and Bonnie Crouch
  • Kim Cruz
  • Scott and Deejie Culbertson
  • Chelsea Cullen
  • Ms. Kelley Cundiff
  • Steve Curl
  • Custom Advertising
  • Josh and Steele Dailey
  • Bob and Patty Dalton
  • Kim Dalton
  • Jon and Bonnie Daly
  • Richard and Anissa Daniels
  • Gina and Justin Daugherty
  • Davie Dermatology, PA
  • Davie Life
  • Dale and Terri Davies
  • Brad Davis
  • Chester and Susie Davis
  • Wesley and Marina Davis
  • William Dawkins
  • Jeff and Leann Day
  • Matt and Betty Daye
  • R. Brandt Deal
  • Isaac and Nancy Deaton
  • Democratic Party of Stokes County
  • Mike and Jen deRidder
  • Mark and Amy Devereaux
  • Frank and Michie Dew
  • Diamondback Grill
  • Matt Dice
  • Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation
  • Bill and Donna DiIanni
  • Julius and Martha Dizon
  • D'Laney's Sports Bar
  • Antonio and Shannon Dobson
  • Charles and Sherry Dort
  • Douthit Funeral Services
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  • Steve and Nancy Duggins
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  • Nathan and Jeanna Durrell
  • Dynamic Motion Chiropractic
  • Mary M Eagan
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  • Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Edwards
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  • Glenn and Natalie Eller
  • Val and Elizabeth Elliott
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  • Gilbert Engineering Company
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  • Stuart and Mittie Cooke
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  • Interflex Group Inc
  • Ireland Insurance Agency
  • J Pepper's Southern Grille
  • J.T. Alexander and Son
  • Derrick and Marcy Jackson
  • Ali and Parvin Jarrahi
  • Dale and Terry Jeanes
  • Mike and Anna Jenkins
  • Jericho Church of Christ
  • Amelia Johnson
  • Bill Johnson
  • Larry and Theresa Johnson
  • Dr. Mark Johnson
  • Bob and Laura Johnson
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Steven Johnson
  • Johnson Controls
  • Chris Joines
  • Jared and Ashley Jones
  • Nick Jongebloed and Tara Ballard
  • Susan Joy
  • Bonita Judge
  • Jumpinkids Inflatables Inc.
  • Bill and Kathy Junker
  • Bob and Tina Kahle
  • Kaplan Companies
  • Tim and Carla Keenan
  • Kerner Ridge Assisted Living
  • Kernersville Chamber of Commerce
  • Kernersville Pharmacy
  • KevMark Catering
  • Kewaunee Scientific Corporation
  • Mark and Joy Key
  • Cam and Jessica Kilby
  • Robert and Marian Kimball
  • Ted and Shiva Kincaid
  • Thomas and Wendi Kinder
  • King Lions Club
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Kinken, Jr.
  • Keith and Cheryl Kiser
  • Kiwanis Club of Kernersville
  • J.T. and Christine Kleinfeld
  • Ashley Kohlrus
  • Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
  • Kona Ice of Kernersville
  • Chuck and Sue Kraft
  • Brett and Kyrie Krenz
  • La Carreta Mexican Restraunt
  • Arnold and Becky Lakey
  • George and Margie Lamb
  • Celina and Christopher Lamb
  • Lambe Realty Investment, Inc.
  • Michael and Polly Lauffenburger
  • LaVida Massage of Clemmons
  • Gary and Linda Lavinder
  • Martha M. Lawrence
  • Dennis and Darlene Lawson
  • Jim and Lynn Lawton
  • Leaders Club
  • Ms. Amy L. Leander
  • Ian Lee and Lindsey Metcalf
  • Mitch and Sherry Lee
  • Cotton and Deane Lentz
  • Lindsay & Gardner, CPAs, LLP
  • Lions Club of Kernersville
  • Jimmy and Katie Lippard
  • William and Ellen Lipscomb
  • Michael and Aimee Lischke
  • Little Italy
  • Little Italy-Rural Hall
  • Jordan C. Lloyd
  • Logan Heating and Air Conditioning and Electr
  • Lomar Enterprises
  • Long Insurance Services
  • Adam and Sarah Lopez
  • Will Loveless
  • Blake Lovette
  • Lena Lovette
  • Jim and Ann Lowe
  • Jay Luke
  • Joanna Lyall
  • Linda Mabe
  • Teena C. Macemore
  • Main Street Lawn & Garden
  • Melinda Manning
  • Jeff and Layla Manning
  • Doug and Sherri Mansfield
  • Maplewood Baptist Church
  • Ed Marion
  • Doug and Karen Marion
  • Mario's Pizza of Lewisville, Inc
  • Dana Marske
  • Art and Betty Marzano
  • Marzano Capital Group
  • Kent Masich
  • Jenna and Bart Mathis
  • Matrix Squares
  • Terry Matthews
  • Max x Kingle Kollege
  • Angela W. Maxie
  • David and Rose May
  • Bill and Joanette McClain
  • Alison and Ed McCormick
  • Tom and Laurie McDaniel
  • McDonalds
  • J Walter McDowell
  • Marshall and Priscilla McDuffie
  • Richard and Daphne McHone
  • Wade and Vicky McInnis
  • Adam and Tiffany McIver
  • Ray and Cathleen McKinney
  • Thomas and Suzette McLain
  • Mike and Janet McLain
  • Renhard and Amy McLaurin
  • McLean Floor Coverings
  • Lennie McMillan, 2908
  • Dennis McNeil, State Farm Insurance
  • Mike and Donna McNeil
  • Mechanical Technologies and Solutions, LLC
  • Medtronic
  • Meg Brown Home Furnishings
  • Steve and Jean Melton
  • Mercy & Grace One-Stop, LLC
  • Metcalf Family Dentistry
  • Danny and Sue Michaels
  • Joe and Kate Michalek
  • Chester and Maxine Middlesworth
  • Joe and Doris Millard
  • Daniel and Laura Miller
  • Charles Miller
  • John and Lisa Millican
  • Gary and Maggie Mills
  • Paul Mistor
  • Mitchell's Nursery & Greenhouse, Inc
  • Mock Tire
  • Mocksville Family Dentistry
  • Modern Automotive Network
  • Phil and Tracy Mohr
  • Robert and Julie Money
  • John and Lisa Monk
  • Wayne and Patricia Morgan
  • Margaret Morrison
  • Mosers Heating and Repair
  • Steven and Joyce Mou
  • Teresa Muncus
  • Steve and Cindy Murdock
  • Sean and Kristen Murphy
  • John and Linda Myers
  • Terron D. Nance
  • Charles and Shannon Neal
  • Robert and Peggy Neal
  • Jennifer Needham
  • New Horizons Home Care and Adult Day Services
  • Bryce and Jonsi Newman
  • Tip Nicholson and Nancy Davis
  • North Point Chrysler Jeep Dodge
  • Norwood Architecture and Design
  • Novant Health Davie Medical Associates
  • Novant Health Forsyth Pediatrics at Westgate
  • Novant Health Maplewood Family Medicine
  • Matt O'Brien
  • Jim Ogburn
  • Christopher and Jane Oldham
  • Mark and Pam Oliver
  • Elizabeth and P.J. Ollis
  • Optimal Health Chiropractic
  • John Pace
  • Jason and Sherri Pardue
  • Bill and Carolyn Park
  • Chris and Heather Parker
  • Barry and Ashley Parks
  • John and Beth Parks
  • Parlier Plumbing and Heating, LLC
  • Joe and Britt Parrish
  • Wayne and Tamica Patterson
  • Paycom
  • Peace Haven Baptist Church
  • Joe Peele
  • Eric and Carla Pence
  • Guadalupe Penn
  • Chad and Kathy Percy
  • Vivian Perez-Chandler
  • James and Ashley Perrott
  • Sara Pesek
  • Phalanx Fraternity, Alpha Chapter
  • Bill and Julia Phipps
  • Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
  • Piedmont HealthCare, PA
  • Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Piedmont NC USA Dance
  • Piedmont Urology
  • Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service, Inc.
  • Joe and Kathryn Pinnix
  • William and Cindy Pitt
  • David R. Plyler
  • Dick Polen
  • Michael and Evelyn Pollak
  • Poplar Springs Church of Christ
  • PostMark, Inc.
  • Joe and Jane Potter
  • Norm and Patricia Potter
  • John and Cathy Potts
  • Powerscreen Mid-Atlantic, Inc.
  • Pressure Dog Pressure Washing
  • Oz and Valerie Prim
  • ProDance Academy
  • Propel Pediatric Therapy
  • PSG Custom Fabrication
  • Doug and Leila Punger
  • Quality Inn Clemmons
  • Brandon and Sarah Rachels
  • Sonny and Page Rankin
  • Raymond James Financial
  • Ray's Body Shop & Wrecker Service
  • Charles and Kristi Record
  • Reformation Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • John and Karen Regan
  • Ray and Linda Rennard
  • Resource Flooring Contractors, Inc
  • Reynolds American
  • Reynolds American Inc Charity Trust Account
  • Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry
  • Robin and Jane Richards
  • Joe and Jenny Richardson
  • Ms. Pam Rife
  • Rimak Homes
  • River Oaks Community Church
  • Leon and Janet Robbins
  • Kevin Roberson
  • Robinhood Partners LLC
  • Jim & Joy Rochester
  • Megan Rodman
  • Rotary Club of King
  • Marcie Rowdy
  • David and Martha Rowe
  • Charlie and Courtney Rowe
  • RPM Partners
  • Sandy and Karen Rudolph
  • Penny Rue
  • Henry and Teri Russ
  • Steven Ryder
  • Salem Distributing Company
  • Salem Gymnastics Sports Center
  • Salem Kitchen
  • Save A Lot
  • Ed and Debra Scott
  • Rhyne Scott
  • Cindy Sellers
  • Scott and Nancy Settelen
  • George and Gwen Shafer
  • David and Jessica Sheedy
  • McNeill Nissan
  • Matt and Byrdena Shepherd
  • Sherrie and David Fain
  • Scott and Tereia Shirley
  • Pam Short
  • Darle and Mary Lou Shouse
  • Patrick and Chrissi Shugart
  • Stanley A. Shuman
  • Silver Sneakers/ AOA Banner Winston Lake
  • Beverly Simstein
  • Linwood Skinner
  • Thomas Skinner
  • Craig Smith
  • James Smith
  • SOI Online
  • Southeastern Title Agency, Inc.
  • Bill and Beth Southern
  • Doug Spainhour and Dianna Hoffman
  • Spangler, Rohlfing and Lambert Pediatric Dentistry
  • Melvin S. Speas
  • Scott and Nicole Spillman
  • Terry and Debbie Spillman
  • Dick and Jeannie St. Clair
  • Stagecoach Family Chiropractic
  • Starbucks
  • State Farm Insurance
  • State Farm Insurance & Financial Services
  • Statesville Pediatric Dentistry
  • William P. Steed
  • Bill and Sandy Steele
  • Phil Stevens
  • Chris Stewart
  • Don and Denise Stewart
  • Gary and Lee Anne Stiffler
  • Cameron and Kathy Stikeleather
  • Stillwaters Salon & Day Spa
  • Stokes Tire and Automotive
  • Barbara Stradley
  • Drs. William and Stephanie Sturgill
  • Subway of Clemmons
  • Bob and Susan Sullivan
  • Dick and Nancy Sullivan
  • Bill and Marcia Summers
  • Surry Community College
  • Jay Sutton
  • Patrick and Cynthia Sweeney
  • Swim Gear of North Carolina
  • Carl and Peggy Swofford
  • Eric Tang, The Allstate Foundation
  • Christina Taracido
  • Target Corporation
  • John Tatter
  • Technical Services Company
  • Stuart and Kimberly Teeter
  • Roger and Susan Teeters
  • The Murray Foundation, Inc.
  • Kevin Sheets, The Sterling Group
  • Rebecca S. Thomas
  • Sandy Thomerson
  • Cecily Throckmorton
  • Skip and Jo Tinsley
  • Tip Top Roofing
  • TJ's Deli Country Club, Inc.
  • TKS Electrical Contractors Inc
  • Julie Tomberlin
  • Town of Yadkinville
  • "B" and Martha Townes
  • Thatch and Julie Townsend
  • Trailers of the East Coast, Inc.
  • Carolyn Treglia
  • Triangle Visions Optometry
  • Trinity United Methodist Church
  • Sandra K. Triplett
  • Mary Tucker
  • Dr. Charlie Turner
  • LaJune Turner
  • Alex and Elliott Turner
  • Twin City Sprinkler Co. Inc.
  • Union Baptist Church
  • United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church
  • United Way of Greater High Point
  • US Duct Work
  • Robert and Jillian Van Camp
  • Andre Van Staden
  • Steve and Sheila Virgil
  • Vogler & Sons Funeral Home
  • Don and Carol Wagoner
  • Alexander and Kelley Waite
  • Wake Forest Baptist Health Wilkes Medical Center
  • Gary and Julia Walker
  • Walmart #2793
  • Walmart Foundation (Walmart #6789)
  • Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce Architects, PA
  • Jason Walton
  • Joshua and Lori Waltonen
  • Jay and Kimberly Ward
  • William and Corrine Ward
  • Ward Realty
  • Lyn Warmath-Boyd
  • Win and Meredith Welch
  • Werner Ladder Company
  • Mary and Gary Wesley
  • West Main Landscaping and Nursery
  • Carl and Marlena Westcott
  • Claudette Weston
  • David Weston
  • Oliver Wheeler
  • Patrick Whitbred
  • Michael White
  • Michael and Katherine White
  • Will and Currin White
  • Susan Whittington
  • Whole Kids Foundation
  • Jim and Minnie Wilcox
  • Wilcox Marketing, Inc
  • Wilkes Pediatric Clinic
  • Wilkesboro Presbyterian Chapel
  • Marlin L Wilkins
  • Ron Willard
  • John Willardson, Willardson Law Firm
  • Duke and Edith Williams
  • Kevin and Aimee Williams
  • Beverly Williams
  • Kent and Sharon Wilmoth
  • Tripp and Stacie Winslow
  • Winston Lake Veterans Fellowship
  • Winston-Salem Sportsmen Club, Inc.
  • Kate Winterbottom
  • Julie Wolfe
  • George and Sue Wolff
  • Bill and Erna Womble
  • Womble Bond Dickinson
  • Keith Wood
  • Lorin and Karen Wood
  • Don and Sarah Wood
  • Lupton and Charlot Wood
  • Denise D. Wyatt
  • Yadkin Civitan Club
  • Yadkin Interagency Collaborative
  • Yadkin Parks and Recreation
  • Yadkin Vision Center, O.D., PLLC
  • Yadkinville Rotary Foundation
  • Yadtel Telecom
  • Karl and Sallie Yena
  • Gary York
  • Benjamin Zachary

Round Table


YMCA Golf Tournament Sponsors

For the 22nd Annual in 2018

YMCA Golf Tournament Sponsors S y l v e s t e r & C oc kr um Wake Forest Baptist Health Precor USA Octane Fitness Logan Heating and Air Karin Head Realty Carolina West Wireless Modern Automotive Network Reynolds American, Inc. Veritiv Corp Jules & Associates, Inc. The Ginther Group Sharpe Co. Matrix Fitness Systems Freemotion Fitness Wellness Solutions, Inc. Hanesbrand New Church PreHibco Plastics, Inc. Truliant Federal Credit Union BE Enterprises Hege Financial Group The Budd Group Sixty Six Grill and Taphouse Major SponsorChampion SponsorEagle Sponsor Title Sponsor

YMCA Golf Tournament Sponsors

For the 22nd Annual in 2018

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  • Officer Elect, Chair/Branch Leadership Council and Treasurer
  • Immediate Past Chair


  • Gayle Anderson
  • Curtis Bland
  • Barbara Carter
  • Michael Clements
  • Galen Craun
  • Wesley Davis
  • Rob Davis
  • Laura Holbe
  • Victor Isler
  • Ashley Kohlrus
  • Molly Kremidas
  • Duane Long
  • Jay Luke
  • Sylvia Oberle
  • Dave Plyler
  • Norm Potter
  • Hernan Sabio
  • Max Smith
  • David Spross
  • Kevin Williams
  • Linda Wood
  • The Honorable Chester Davis (ret.)

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